Lecturers for Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Scandinavia

Marta Bestetti

Marta Bestetti I first opened the studio known as “Timeless Pilates” in ...
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Leena Syrjälä

Leena Syrjälä is a BASI® Pilates Faculty from Finland. She has completed ...
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Hanna Manninen

Hanna Manninen is a BASI® Pilates Faculty from Finland. She has completed ...
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Fabio Caracci

Fabio Caracci was born in Rome and graduated as a ballet dancer ...
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Natascha Eyber

Natascha Eyber was trained and certified as a BASI® Pilates trainer by ...
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Mario Alfonso

Born and raised in Italy, Mario Alfonso studied classical ballet in Milano, ...
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Sara Canini

Sara has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2007 following her ...
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Anna Olivia Somer

Olivia is a holistic and results-oriented teacher. She lets the physical and ...
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Mariam Younossi

Mariam Younossi ist an der John Cranko Schule Stuttgart und der Heinz ...
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Sabine Schlegel

Sabine is a BASI® certified MTTC-Trainer since 2011, CTTC-Trainer since 2013 and ...
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Juliana Lorenzi Barreto

Juliana Lorenzi Barreto was born in Brazil and completed her dance education ...
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Monika Moudjendé

Monika Moudjendé (née Neltner) completed the BASI® Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course ...
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Isabel Gotzkowsky

German-born and bred, Isabel Gotzkowsky moved to New York in 1988 at ...
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Jon Zimmerman

Jon Zimmerman was born in 1970 in the United States. He was ...
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Caroline Sobottka

Caroline Sobottka is a professional contemporary dancer and completed her education as ...
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Sima Bürgin

Sima Bürgin was born on July 9, 1962 and is the mother ...
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