Monika Moudjendé

Monika Moudjendé (née Neltner) completed the BASI® Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course with Natascha Eyber in Munich in 2013 and the BASI® Pilates Mentor Programme with Theo van der Riet in 2018. She has participated workshops with Rael Isacowitz in Munich 2013, as part of the „Learn from the Leaders“ congress and in Prato 2018. She founded the SPINE Pilates studio in Berlin with Frauke Schuck (DPV member and PMA licensed) in 2013, which has been a BASI® Pilates host studio since 2014.

Since then she has interned with the BASI® faculty in Berlin and supervised and trained BASI® students there during their training period.
As a state-approved sports and gymnastics teacher, Monika Moudjendé taught dance, gymnastics and sports to children, young people and adults as an employee in the leisure and recreation programme of the Berlin Senate after completing her training in 1987. Since 1998, various training and further education courses in group fitness and health sports have enabled her to work as a lecturer in the field of cardio, strength and flexibility training for various fitness and health associations and as a presenter at fitness and body & mind congresses.
Monika Moudjendé is, among other things, a ZPP (central prevention testing centre) certified Pilates and fascia training prevention course instructor in Berlin.
Since 2019 she is a Faculty member for BASI® Pilates Germany.


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