Caroline Sobottka

Caroline Sobottka is a professional contemporary dancer and completed her education as a comprehensive BASI® Pilates teacher in 2014. During a 3-year stay in the USA, Caroline discovered the Pilates method and its various benefits for the body and decided to make this passion her profession after her return to Germany. Since 2014 Caroline has been teaching Pilates in group and private settings at Studio A Pilates and other locations in Berlin. She has continuously deepened her knowledge through continuing education, attending workshops with renowned teachers such as Krisztina Ajkay (Pilates Pre- and Postnatal), Madeline Black, Karen Clippinger (Pilates for Dancers and Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates), Natascha Eyber, Alan Herdman, Rael Isacowitz, Andrea Ott (Spiraldynamik® 3D Healthy Feet) and Samantha Wood (Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies). In 2021 Caroline Sobottka joined the BASI® Pilates faculty.

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