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Our college-level programs are rigorous, yet extremely rewarding, and are meant to bring forth the greatness in each potential teacher. Students are supported throughout their journey by an exceptional team of highly qualified faculty, each of whom are completely dedicated to making every student successful.

High-qualified education. Become a part of our BASI® Pilates Family.  Our educational courses and network exists since 1989 and currently in 30 countries. We are looking forward to meeting you!

BASI Pilates graduates teach all over the world and are part of an expanding family of passionate Pilates professionals. Join the thousands of successful BASI Pilates graduates and begin your Pilates teaching journey by selecting one of our BASI Pilates Teacher Education Programs.

Upcoming courses and locations

Berlin start February 24
Frankfurt start March 24
Turku start March 24
Copenhagen start April 24
Lausanne start April 24
Freiburg start May 24
Cologne start May 24
Vienna start June 24

Duration of the education

Can be customized to suit your individulal time and rate of learning, generally the education will take between 6 month and 1,5 years depending on which course you take.
MTTC: 6 modules on 2-3 weekends
CTTC: 12 modules on 5-6 weekends


Number of hours

CTTC: 12 course modules, 200 h of practice, 100 h observation, 200 h teaching practice/assistance, examination, term paper
MTTC: 6 course modules, 60 h of practice, 15-20 h observation, 30-40 h teaching practice, examination.

Internationally recognized certificate

The education is recognized worldwide and is completed with an international valid certificate. BASI® Pilates is represented in 30 countries and on all five continents.

Course tuition

You can find the course tution under the specific course (CTTC or MTTC) under each country in the particular currencies.

Individual rate payment available!


Job opportunities

Our graduates are a part of an international network with many different job opportunities in Pilates and other studios, ranging from a full time to a part time job. We offer a huge variety of workshops and advanced education ranging from therapy based Pilates to the advanced Legacy Program with Rael Isacowitz.

Your questions

We gladly provide advice on your journey to become a BASI® Pilates teacher! Via phone, E-mail or ZOOM-session.

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Comprehensive Teacher Training Course
in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Scandinavia


Mat Teacher Training Course
 in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Scandinavia


Mat teacher Training Course according to the guidelines of the German Pilates Association DPV and the ZPP (central test body for prevention)

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