Mario Alfonso

Born and raised in Italy, Mario Alfonso studied classical ballet in Milano, Italy in 1993. Mario completed his education in Germany, where he earned his degree as a dance educator for modern dance. Mario’s passion to share his knowledge and assist new talents, drove him to develop the international internet platform Side By Side Arts Center. This organization unites dance artists from around the world by providing an event to meet annually through a much anticipated festival.

As a professional dancer, Mario was drawn to the benefits of Pilates as a way to regenerate and recharge his own body. Although Mario continues to work as a choreographer and dancer, teaching BASI Pilates has became the center of his life.

Mario studied, and completed, the BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Course in Germany and Costa Mesa, California in 2007. Since then he has worked ambitiously with all Pilates equipment in his studio „Pilates Essenza“ located in Dusseldorf. When Mario was invited to join the BASI Faculty in 2011 he truly reached one of his most ambitios goals. A BASI instructor, faculty member and host all in the city where Joseph Pilates was born, raised and envisioned his first work in Contrology.

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