Lecturers Germany (en)

Leena Syrjälä

Leena Syrjälä is a BASI® Pilates Faculty from Finland. She has completed The Comprehensive and Mentor Level BASI® Pilates Teacher Training Programs in 2020. Prior to falling in love with the BASI® Method, Leena studied Pilates in the Finnish Institute of Health and Fitness and taught Pilates for over six years. Leena has graduated as a physiotherapist

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Fabio Caracci

Fabio Caracci was born in Rome and graduated as a ballet dancer from the Rome Opera House school. He had an extensive dance career performing with prestigious ballet companies including English National Ballet, Les Ballets des Montecarlo, Aterballetto and Theater Basel. The practise of Pilates has been his main tool to improve dance technique and

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Natascha Eyber

Natascha Eyber was trained and certified as a BASI® Pilates trainer by Rael Isacowitz himself in 2003 and joined the BASI® Faculty in 2006, she was appointed as Principal Faculty in 2019. In May 2021 she was elected by the BASI® Global Community as the first chairperson to head the newly appointed BASI® Educational Committee

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Mario Alfonso

Born and raised in Italy, Mario Alfonso studied classical ballet in Milano, Italy in 1993. Mario completed his education in Germany, where he earned his degree as a dance educator for modern dance. Mario’s passion to share his knowledge and assist new talents, drove him to develop the international internet platform Side By Side Arts

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Sara Canini

Sara has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2007 following her accreditation by BASI Pilates. In addition, Sara is a graduate of SEAD, Salzburg’s prestigious contemporary dance academy. Following completion of her education at SEAD, Sara moved to Vienna securing work as a professional freelance dancer with various companies across Europe. I In 2008,

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Anna Olivia Somer

Olivia is a holistic and results-oriented teacher. She lets the physical and mental components play together to optimize the moving body and your well-being. Olivia took her pilates education from BASI pilates in Munich 2011, where she also trained to be a modern dancer at the Iwanson International – School of contemporary dance. Today she

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Mariam Younossi

Mariam Younossi ist an der John Cranko Schule Stuttgart und der Heinz Bosl Stiftung München zur Balletttänzerin ausgebildet worden. Schon in dieser Zeit und auch später, während ihrer aktiven Bühnenlaufbahn als Tänzerin, war sie von der Pilates Methode begeistert. Sie absolvierte 2002 ihre erste Pilates Ausbildung bei Pilates Polestar Deutschland 
und unterrichtet als Gruppen- und

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Sabine Schlegel

Sabine is a BASI® certified MTTC-Trainer since 2011, CTTC-Trainer since 2013 and a member of the BASI®-Faculty since 2017. The former elite athlete studied sport therapy (B.A.) and sport science (B.A. and M.A.) at the University of Freiburg. After finishing her masters she started working as a sport therapist and a research associate (PhD) at

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Monika Moudjendé

Monika Moudjendé (née Neltner) completed the BASI® Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course with Natascha Eyber in Munich in 2013 and the BASI® Pilates Mentor Programme with Theo van der Riet in 2018. She has participated workshops with Rael Isacowitz in Munich 2013, as part of the „Learn from the Leaders“ congress and in Prato 2018.

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Isabel Gotzkowsky

German-born and bred, Isabel Gotzkowsky moved to New York in 1988 at the age of 23, where she spent the next 23+ years. She holds a dregree in movement science and is a former dancer/choreographer. She practices Pilates since 1989 and teaches the Method since 1995. Certifications include: IM=X (1995), Master Trainer Certifikate IM=X (2000),

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