The principle of Flow in a Mat Class

Module 1 of Mat Intensive
(this workshop is recognized by the DPV and PVA as continuing education)

Fluent transitions from one exercise to the other and the choreography/variations of individual exercises are the essentials of a mat class. Flow is one of the ten principles from Joseph Pilates and therefore of a BASI mat class. The structuring of a class according to the BASI Block System offers a great support in terms of methodology and anatomy, gives the class a clear structure and at the same time provides flexibility.

With the aspect of flow, concentration can be maintained throughout the whole class and unnecessary breaks can be avoided.

A clear structure and clear transitions enable the instructor to conduct larger groups and to manage different levels and at the same time giving each participant a secure and responsible guidance. The challenge of instructing beginners and maintaining the flow at the same time will be discussed as well.

After a short theory section, the focus of this workshop is on the mat work repertoire and developing variations and transitions. The day will be concluded with a BASI mat class.

This workshop is for Pilates trainers in education and certified Pilates trainers and corresponds to module 3 from our 3-day block „Mat Intensive“. „Mat Intensive“ consists of a total of 24 teaching units and can be booked, among other things, for the post-qualification for recognition according to the guidelines of § 20 SBG V in Germany. To find out whether participation in the additional blocks is sufficient as a post-qualification for your previous certificate, please contact the central examination office (Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention) directly.

Application and further information about our 3 day „Mat Intensive“ program and the workshops  „Mat with props“ and
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