Teaching Methodology- verbal and tactile Cueing

Module 3 of Mat Intensive
(this workshop is recognized by the DPV and PVA as continuing education)

This course focuses on one of the main teaching tools: Cueing

Cueing means communication and is an integrate part of a good session. Communication means skill/expertise: the information must be transferred, understood and integrated within milli seconds to achieve the goal. Good Cueing should be the base of each class.
In this course we related directly to the Pilates method we will mainly concentrate on verbal and tactile cueing and practice on and with each other. Because most then anything cueing needs experience.

This workshop is for Pilates trainers in education and certified Pilates trainers and corresponds to module 3 from our 3-day block „Mat Intensive“. „Mat Intensive“ consists of a total of 24 teaching units and can be booked, among other things, for the post-qualification for recognition according to the guidelines of § 20 SBG V in Germany. To find out whether participation in the additional blocks is sufficient as a post-qualification for your previous certificate, please contact the central examination office (Znetrale Prüfstelle Prävention) directly.

Application and further information about our 3 day „Mat Intensive“ program and the workshops „Flow in a matclass“ and „Mat with props“:

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