Pilates through Pregnancy and Beyond with Ashley Ritchie

For the first time in Germany!!!!

Ashley Ritchie created The Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond Course to teach Pilates instructors how to effectively and safely train their clients throughout their pregnancy, preparing them for childbirth as well as training them back to pre-pregnancy strength and fitness levels post-birth. The first few days are devoted to prenatal Pilates and highlights the hormonal changes in the body, conditions of concern, exercising correctly through each trimester and repertoire variations and modifications for both mat and equipment work.

The final day covers postnatal topics including labour, birthing and exercising post-birth. Addressing Diastasis Recti and PSD with adaptations of the original BASI repertoire for both mat work and small apparatus.

Pregnancy and giving birth impacts all aspects of existence – both physically and emotionally. This course will take you on an intense knowledge-driven journey into the pre and postnatal world of your client. You will be equipped with the necessary skills and deeper understanding of your client’s needs throughout each trimester and various postpartum phases, as well as the relating physiological factors to consider in order to train your client effectively and safely. You will finish this course feeling prepared and confident to teach pre and postnatal clients.

Date: 16.-18. September 2022
Time: 10:00-17:30 ( 7 hours plus break) per day, sunday 9:30-17:00
Place: Pilates Room Esslingen and online!
Ashley Ritchie
850,- Euro
This course is taught in English and offered in a Hybrid format