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Dear students of our current CTTC courses!

The course has now begun and we would like to give you an overview over the most important things.

Current Information!

Before each course weekend we will announce current updates here!

Here you find all our current courses and dates:

1.    Missed modules due to illness etc.

If you have to miss one or more modules due to illness or other reasons, please inform us under We will inform the lecturer and the host studio. Missed modules can be made up in any BASI® teacher training course in our license area Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Scandinavia free of additional charge, provided that the course takes place and there is enough space in this course. Please look up the course dates on our website
Once you selected the date and course location please send an email to, so that we can enter you into the attendance list and inform you about the course schedule and exact location.

2.    Summary of the requested practice, observation and teaching practice/assistance hours

Besides the 12 course modules and the exam the following hours are requested for your certification:

  • 140 hours own practice
  • 80 hours observation
  • 160 hours teaching practice

a)    Own practice,

this is EVERYTHING you practice physically or study. Please write the hours in the provided list. If you participated in a class or session, please let the instructor sign off. If you have studied at home or practiced at the equipment yourself, the field with the signature will remain empty. Please mark if you have studied theory or practice, mat or equipment. At the end there should be a fair balance between all of them.

b)    Observation,

this means observing sessions or classes. The following should be observed: structure of the class/session, dealing with the individual client and their needs/limitations, tactile cueing. Especially for students who live far away from the host studio we offer the possibility to fulfill 50% of the observation and practice hours online with our program “BASI Interactive”

Please mark the online fulfilled sessions on the same tracking list of your hours as for the other classes. Of course Pilates Interactive can be used also as a support for your own practice.

c)    Teaching hours

means practice teaching or assisting a teacher. If you are already working in an environment where you are teaching, please let the institute sign off your hours. If you are not working in such an environment yet, please organize yourself friends or family members on whom you can start practicing. Your „client“ should sign off the hour on the provided list. There should be a fair balance between the taught sessions on the mat and the machines as well. Please note that most of our host studios will charge a little fee to cover their costs when you are bringing a client from outside. This fee should be paid by your client. For the host studio it means always additional work and often there are extra costs involved for electricity or heating, also your client should get used from the beginning on to pay at least a little for a Pilates session. At the end it will be easier for you if he remains your client and you will charge him in full if he got used to pay at least something instead of having received all of the service for free.

The practice and observation hours should, if at all possible, be done with a BASI® instructor. We are happy to assist you in finding an instructor nearby. If you need assistance, please write an e-mail to with the city you are living and which cities in your area are accessible for you. We need this information as we don’t know your area and the infrastructure there.

If you want to fulfill your hours with an instructor which is not educated by BASI® please send us an e mail with the name of the instructor and the institute where he/she received his/her education from. Some institutes are related to us in their approach, others are not and we need to clarify if the attendance of the sessions there will help you during the process of your education or eventually confuse you.

In our BASI Pilates training center in Munich participating in the mat classes and observation are free of charge during your education. “During your education” means the time period from your first course module up to the scheduled exam suggestion. We also offer the participation or observation via livestream and will send you the relevant links in an e-mail. If you would like to use participate in person please send us an e-mail in advance to so that we can schedule your participation.

3.    Workshops during the education

If you attend advanced educational programs or workshops, which are recognized by the domestic Pilates associations or the PMA we will count the hours towards your certification. In this case please hand in the copy of the confirmation of participation together with your tracking hour sheets. The number of hours listed on the confirmation can be deducted from the total hours. Example: the duration of a workshop is 8 hours, you have already recorded 10 observation and 50 practice hours, then you can add 4 hours to each of those. Thus you will have 14 observation and 54 practice hours on tracking records.

4.    Exam overview

a)    Midterm exam

In module 7 there will be a midterm exam. As the quiz in module 4 it is a self-evaluation and at the same time gives us lecturers a chance to give you a feedback if we see the exam on module 12 a realistic date for you or if it is better to move the exam towards a later stage. The midterm exam contains a written and practical test about the contents of module 1-6. The theory exam is a multiple choice test in the style of module 4 but has about 75 questions. The practical exam is a demonstration of three exercises given by BASI® Pilates.  

b)    Final exam

The final exam contains a written and practical test as well as a teaching evaluation. The theory exam is a multiple choice test in the style of the exam in module 7, but contains about 100 questions. The practical exam is a demonstration of four exercises given by BASI® Pilates and the participation of a group mat class in which you will be asked to teach 2-3 exercises to the group. The teaching evaluation is a one-hour private session according to the BASI Block System® with at least two pieces of equipment involved.

5.    Application for the exam

For each course there is a suggested exam date at your course location which takes place on the date of module 12 for those students who either completed 50% of their practice, observation and teaching hours OR received a positive evaluation from the teaching faculty . In this case, you will receive an invitation via e-mail approximately two weeks before the exam to which you reply to (yes or no). Approximately one week prior to the exam you will receive the exact schedule so you can tell your client when to come. Please try to organize the client yourself. If it is absolutely impossible, especially when travelling from far we will try to find one for you.

6.    Postponing the exam

If you cannot or don’t want to participate at the suggested date of the exam, you have to autonomously look for an alternative date. All dates can be found HERE or under the individual countries. Once you have selected a date you need to apply under: to participate at the examination. We will enter you on the list and then you will again receive an e mail with the detailed schedule one week prior to the exam.

7.    Tracking hours

a)    Practice, observation and teaching practice hours
Should be completed one year after the last course module. In case of illness, injuries or other special circumstances the phase can be prolonged. If the tracking hours are completed by the time you come to the exam, please bring them along. If not, please send them to our administration center in Fürstenfeldbruck as soon as they are completed or submit them as PDF files over the following link .  Please take note that all tracking hour sheets MUST have your name on them!!!  

a)    Term paper
the term paper can be handed in either at the date of your exam or at a later stage. If you send it at a later stage, a pdf format via e mail to is sufficient. Examples for the term paper can be found at our international website under „Resources“. The guidelines for the term paper you received with the welcome mail.

8.    Process of the certificate

You will receive a BASI® Pilates certificate once all requirements have been completed. This includes the attendance of all course modules, a passing grade on all final exams and the term paper as well as completing and handing in all tracking hours. The certificate is produced at our international headquarter in California and is signed by Rael Isacowitz personally. The process takes a few weeks, we ask kindly for your patience. If someone needs a confirmation in the meantime we are happy to send you one. Please note to ALWAYS provide us with your current postal address! For certificates which come back due to an old incorrect address we need to charge you for re-sending!

9.    Videolinks

Under the following links you can learn more about BASI® Pilates International:

a)    Education:

b)    BASI Youtube Channel:

c)    BASI Interactive:


If you have any remaining questions, please contact us any time under:

Best regards and lots of success with your education!

Natascha and the BASI® team


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