Deepen your Pilates Practice – how you can improve your matwork with the Pilates equipment

(this workshop is recognized as advanced education by DPV and PVA)

Most Pilates teachers regard the mat work as the foundation of the whole method. Many exercises on the equipment relate to exercises on the mat or build up on them. But what about the other way around? In my own practice I experience that I improved my mat work technique with the regular practice on the machines. I feel the exercises at times deeper due to the use of the straps, the springs and the instability of the Reformer carriage. At the same time  the equiment can offer support, for example in back extension.

In a short theory section we will analyse stabilizers and movers in selected exercises to understand how the use of resistance on the machines has a different effect on the exercise. We will discuss the training principles maximum muscular strength and muscular endurance. In the practical part we will transfer exercises from the mat to the equipment, practice them and will then transfer them back on the mat, feel and discuss the difference. We will also expand the mat repertoire wit arm and leg work from the repertoire of the Pilates equipment.

This advanced education is foremost for Pilates mat work instructors with no or little equipment experience.

Lecturer: Natascha Eyber
Date: 28.01.2023

Language: German / English

Die Bewegungsakademie Dortmund

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