Dance Conditioning with Pilates

This 3-day Certificate Course will give you the skills to apply Pilates as a body conditioning method for the dancer in all levels (professional, pre-professional, amateur). You will learn about the training routine of dancers, discuss common compensations and muscle imbalances that occur due to dance training (e.g extreme range of motion, handedness and over-training, over-stretching), and understand the different ways Pilates can complement the dancer’s performance. A specialized teaching methodology for dancers will be taught to help you with individualized planning, and key teaching considerations for dancers will be addressed to ensure successful teaching. We will look at movement analysis and special considerations for the major joints in the body and learn an extensive repertoire on the mat, the apparatus and using small props. Completing the course, you will have an in-depth understanding to individualize a dancer’s Pilates program and to address specific needs for performance enhancement. The material of this course can be applied for all dance genres (ballet, contemporary-modern, hip hop-break dance, ballroom-tango), as well as the artistic athlete (gymnasts, figure skaters). Participants will receive the course manual and a certificate of completion.

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Lecturer: Markella Kefallonitou

Date: 25.-27. August 2023

Basi Pilates Academy Lugano

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