Backextension in Pilates with Natascha Eyber

(this workshop is recognized by the DPV as continuing education)

Back extension is an essential part of any good Pilates session. It is a fact that in therapy many back issues are treated with back extension. The reason for that is that this movement is hardly ever practiced in everyday life and also many recreational as well as sport activities are often practiced in trunk flexion. As a conclusion imbalances in the musculature of the trunk occur, not only between the abdominals and back extensors, but also between the thoracic and lumbar extensors. There is no doubt that many problems such as neck tension, headaches etc. are often observed in connection with a rigid structure and (hyper-)kyphosis of the upper-mid back. After an anatomical overview of the back extensors we will analyze in form of practical exercises how a back can achieve functional strength, how the kinetic chain works during back extension and how important a correct positioning of the head is.

Exercises are performed with Mat and BASI Pilates Apparatus. This workshop is suitable for Pilates instructors and Pilates instructors in education who want to sharpen their vision and expand their exercise repertoire with regard to mobilization.


Lecturer: Natascha Eyber
Date: Saturday November 06th 2021
Time: 12:00 – 18:00 (excl. break)
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