Krisztina Ajkay

Born in Budapest/Hungary, Krisztina completed her education as a physical therapist (PT) in 1989. Initially she gained valuable experience in a medical setting working as a physical therapist with patients affected by cerebral palsy. In 1996 she moved to Germany and initially continued working as a physical therapist. She started practicing Pilates after the birth of her third son, and she was impressed by the resulting quick and positive changes of her body. She began studying Pilates at Polestar (Certificated Mat Teacher 2005) and completed the BASI CTTC (2008) in Germany.

She was Co-Owner of the Studio Dynamic Arts in Freiburg.
Krisztina is passionate about working with the elderly and with pre- and postpartum woman.
She is also a Gyrotonic® Level 1 teacher.

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