Legacy Program- Master II with Rael Isacowitz


For the first time in Europe!!!!

The Legacy Program is a personal and life-changing exploration into the higher-level repertoire and teaching nuances of the Pilates Method.

The third phase of the Legacy Program embodies Rael’s voyage of discovery to the extreme edges of Pilates repertoire and the creative process. It is solidly based on the repertoire learned in the preceding programs and expands on this repertoire demonstrating progression and growth.

This is a 3-day learning experience that includes 18 hours of instruction and learning.

Prerequisites for participation: Completion of the Mentor and Master I Program

Date: 29-31 October 2022 (Saturday to Monday)
Time: 14:00-21:00 (6 hours plus break) per day
Place: Stadthalle Germering

Lecturer: Rael Isacowitz (online from Newport Beach)
Assistant at the location: Natascha Eyber

Price: 1190,- Euro

The event is presented in a hybrid format, online participation is also possible!

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