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Workshoptag in Salzburg mit Amit Younger

The Shoulder Joint- How to stabilize an anatomically super-mobile joint?

The shoulder joint is a muscle dependent joint. No other joint in the body has so much mobility or is required to perform such big range of motion (under normal circumstances) Of course; there is a price to pay…instability, weakness, tightness, impingement syndrome and all kinds of imbalances.

From the Cat, to Up-Stretches, to the Twist; intermediate and advanced repertoire of Pilates requires good organization of the shoulder girdle, good shoulder mechanics and a lot of strength…

In this workshop we will look at the structure of the shoulder joint and how it is closely related to the position of the shoulder girdle and to the function of the scapula. We will then put it into practice- looking first at how to re-organize the trunk and the shoulder girdle for optimal performance; then look at open-chain strengthening exercises and finally, closed-chain (weight bearing) exercises.

Pelvic-Lumbar Stabilization

The Pelvic-Lumbar area or what we call “The Core” is an area of major concern to Pilates teachers. Different schools teach different approaches to stabilizing the core and physiotherapy protocols tend to influence our understanding and decision making as well.

This workshop will look at how we stabilize the Pelvic-Lumbar area in different movement scenarios and examine what is required in order to counteract forces that pull on the body while performing Pilates exercises. We will learn how to engage hip-joint, pelvic and abdominal muscles simultaneously and how to ensure that the centre of the body is strong and supple without creating tension and compression in the rib cage or spine.

Date: April 28th, 2018

Place: Studio inBewegung (Salzachtalbundesstr. 112, 5081 Anif-Niederalm)


10:00-11:15: mat class

11:30-13:30: Pelvic - Lumbar Stabilization

13:30-14:45: lunch break

14:45-16:45 The Shoulder Joint- How to stabilize an anatomically super-mobile Joint?


whole day  (2 Workshops incl. Mat class): 169,- Euro

1 Workshop: 89,- Euro

Both Workshops without Mat class: 159,- Euro

Mat class without Workshops: 25,- Euro

10% Discount for members of Pilates Verband Austria

10% Discount for BASI Students in education


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Amit Younger

Amit was born and raised in Israel and has lived in London since 2001. He is a one of the founders of and a partner and senior teacher at Pilates Junction Studio in Clapham, London.
Amit holds Pilates Teaching Certifications from the renowned Body Arts and Science International (BASI) and from Studio Tamar, one of Israel's leading Pilates studios. Amit was the sole teacher trainer for BASI in the UK from 2005 until 2013 when he decided to change focus and dedicate more time to other ventures.
Amit presents classes and workshops regularly in Pilates studios and conferences in the United States, Japan and across Europe. Amit’s main interest and expertise is in working with Pilates teachers to improve their teaching skills and sharpen their methodology and techniques in order to enable them to become better teachers.

Amit comes from the world of Performing Arts. His ten years dance career has taken him all over the globe, performing with various companies. His extensive dance training includes not only Ballet and Modern techniques, but also Pilates, Feldenkrais and other Mind-Body methods. In addition to being a dancer, Amit has performed as a Violinist and has taken part in professional Theatre and Opera productions.