Current Information!

The Co-vid 19 infections have affected all levels of public life, including education and continued education. From the beginning of the crisis we at BASI® Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland/ Scandinavia took the decision that we would follow the regulations issued by the various countries, cities and local communities, they are the ones that have the best interests of their citizens at heart, but also the accurate information on which they base their decisions.
We will inform all our participants and new inquiries about current changes via E-Mail!

We adapt each course individually to the current situation.
If you are interested in one of our training courses, please contact us and we will inform you personally about the current status of the respective course!


Dates Mat Teacher Training Course (MTTC ) in Norway


Here you find the course dates for our standard mat education. The education comprises all exercises from beginner’s to master level as well as small props. The internationally valid Pilates-certificate is released in America and is recognized worldwide.



next dates will be announced soon!!!







"I did my BASI education (CTTC) in Munich Germany, certified in 2012, with Natascha Eyber as educator. Since then I’ve been teaching both in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Sweden. In 2016 I opened my own studio LS Pilates Place, with BASI Systems equipment, in Norrköping Sweden.

The BASI education programs give you a comprehensive understanding of the pilates work and repertoire. It has enabled me to work with clients from a broad spectrum, how to modify the work to benefit all from athletes to elderly. The knowledge and the personal practice itself have also helped me develop and improve as a dancer. You get to work with experienced teachers/instructors who are very passionate and so inspiring. The education has really changed my life and I’m so happy to be a part of the BASI family!"

Linnéa Sandler, “LS Pilates Place” Norrköping, Sweden.