The courses in Finland will be presented by the License Holder of BASI® Pilates Scandinavia, Natascha Eyber, as well as our international BASI® Pilates Faculty.



Natascha Eyber

Natascha Eyber, who was accredited by BASI® in 2003, under the direction of Rael Isacowitz, holds the BASI® Pilates franchise for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. She joined the BASI® Faculty in 2006, and was entitled as senior faculty in 2014.

Natascha was educated and worked as a ballet dancer and teacher, and has wide experience in training professional dancers. She also worked as director and choreographer of international musical productions, events and opera.

Since 2002, Natascha has dedicated herself to education. She was a faculty member at the SEAD contemporary dance school in Salzburg until 2009, teaching ballet and training dance students. Simultaneously, she instructed outside clients in the Pilates method. In 2009 she founded the Pilates House in Munich, the headquarter of BASI® Pilates for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Besides her intensive studies with Rael and completing his advanced educational program “Ultimate Pilates”, she has studied with international teachers such as Karen Clippinger, Alan Herdman, Deborah Lessen, Elizabeth Larkam amongst others. Her main passion in teaching Pilates is improving the biomechanics of the client and achieving functional movement.



Miriam Friedrich Honório 

A BASI Faculty member since August 2006, Miriam Friedrich Honório has the distinction of owning the first BASI studio in Germany. Her studio, Dynamic Arts in Freiburg, is also an Education Center for the German Pilates Association, the Deutsche Pilates Verband.

Miriam was educated as a dancer and teacher of contemporary dance and dance improvisation in Rotterdam. She subsequently worked as a dance teacher at the Dance Academy in Budapest, Hungary, and as a choreographer and dancer for several theaters.

In addition to Pilates, Miriam works with the Gyrotonic® Expansion System and Gyrokinesis® in her studio. She is a Gyrokinesis® Master Trainer, Gyrotonic® Master Trainer, Archway and Jumping Stretching Board Master Trainer and specialized on all the additional equipment. 



Fabio Caracci

Fabio Caracci was born in Rome and graduated as a ballet dancer from the Rome Opera House school. He had an extensive dance career performing with prestigious ballet companies including English National Ballet, Les Ballets des Montecarlo, Aterballetto and Theater Basel. The practise of Pilates has been his main tool to improve dance technique and prevent injuries and found in the BASI principles a fulfilling and rewarding continuity for his professional life.

In 2010 he completed the CTTC with Natascha Eyber and continued his BASI education attending various workshops and certificate courses from Rael Isacowitz and several BASI Faculties.

Fabio holds education degrees in dance pedagogy from the French Ministry of Culture and in sports from the Ministry of Sports and Health. He is a guest teacher for several Dance Conservatoires and Sports Federations for Pilates methodology, anatomy , analysis of functional movement , and dance pedagogy.

Since April 2017 he is a member of to the BASI faculty team.