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Meredith Rogers in Helsinki



Deadline of registration September 15th 2019


Back to Basics

The Advanced Level repertoire is simply a variation on a theme, a theme established by Fundamental Level movements.  This connection is of vital importance, and is in fact, the process that all those who practice Pilates (should) experience.  It is this process, which, is the teacher and not the movements themselves.  Without this process the method has no substance.

Five Advanced Level movements have been selected to exemplify this point.  Each movement will be part of a developing sequence.  Without a doubt, there are many such examples as each movement belongs to a series or “family” of movements. 

The vital stage of mastering the Basics should not be sacrificed to simply “perform” Advanced Level work.  This stimulating learning experience will culminate in a valuable outcome - Back to Basics!

Date: November 09th 2019
Place: BAY Helsinki Kanavaranta 7 C 12, 00160, Helsinki
Time: Saturday 12:00 – 17:00 (plus break)


520,- Euro for 2 days

285,- Euro for 1 day

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The Art of Cueing

This course focuses on one of the most fundamental of all Pilates teaching skills, “cueing”. The basis for all communication between teacher and student, cueing demands great skill; information must be conveyed, received and integrated within milliseconds to bring about the desired result. Good cueing is integral to any skilled teaching session.

This exciting, in-depth workshop focuses on the various lines of communication between teacher and student. Participants take part in a series of cueing exercises and drills that enhance the necessary teaching skills for effective communication and successful teaching. Each cueing exercise teaches workshop participants how to better communicate with their clients through advancing their verbal, tactile and visual cueing skills.

Date: November 10th 2019
Place: BAY Helsinki Kanavaranta 7 C 12, 00160, Helsinki
Time: Sunday 09:00 – 14:00 (plus break)


520,- Euro for 2 days

285,- Euro for 1 day

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BASI Pilates Pre & Post Natal Workshop in Trondheim


An exciting and rare opportunity in Norway for Pilates practitioners to learn how to work confidently and safely with Pre & Post Natal clients during this fascinating period of time in life.

The time of pregnancy, childbirth and the recovery phase bring many changes in the lives of women, both on a physical and emotional level..

The Pilates method is ideally suited as a movement program to support this process. This one day workshop offers Pilates professionals the opportunity to learn:

- the special needs and demands of this particular time.

- how to modify  the exercises and create classes at the time of pregnancy and recovery.

Join this 1 day workshop with BASI Faculty - Krisztina Ajkay to understand how to knowledgeably work with Pre and Post Natal clients using modified mat based BASI Pilates repertoire.

DATE : September 22nd 2019
TIME : 0900 - 1600

Course price: 2100 - NOK
The course price includes registration fee as well as study material.

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