Studieuddannelse (Matwork og Maskiner) - Comprehensive Teacher Training Course CTTC

Kursets pris*: Engangsbeløb DKK 32.500,- 

Ratebetaling (i 4 Rater):

  1. betaling:   DKK 14.400,- inden kursusstart

  2. betaling:   DKK 6.700,-   inden 2. uddannelses weekend

  3. betaling:   DKK 6.700,-   inden 3. uddannelses weekend

  4. betaling:   DKK 6.700,-   inden 4. uddannelses weekend

 Kursets Pris ved ratebetaling 34.500,-


Uddannelse til Matwork instruktør - Mat Teacher Training Course MTTC 

Kursets pris*:   DKK 12 350,-  


*Prisen er inkl. eksamensgebyr og arbejdsmateriale (Se uddannelse)

BASI® Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Scandinavia offers one Mat education per year as a scholarship to people with special needs. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please contact us. 


"I recovered from a trauma by training pilates and received a scholarship from Basi for the MTTC education. This helping hand gave me a chance to start building a new foundation for myself, aiming for the significant possibility to pass on to others what the content of pilates had done for me. I was ready to go deeper and understand why and how the training in such a profound and present way could help recovery, not only physically but mentally and socially aswell. The whole human. With the scholarship I was given a loving push to believe that I still had something meaningful to offer, although I could not return to my old job or way of living." 
Marlene C.