The courses in Denmark will be presented by the License Holder of BASI® Pilates Scandinavia, Natascha Eyber, as well as our international BASI® Pilates Faculty.



Natascha Eyber

Natascha Eyber (født Schmitz) blev i 2003/2004 uddannet som Pilates instruktør af Rael Isacowitz, som er grundlægger og leder af BASI® (Body Arts and Science International®)

Hun underviste i ballet og Pilates på Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance SEAD i Salzburg indtil 2009. Der underviste hun de dansestuderende såvel som udefrakommende klienter i Pilates-metoden.

Natascha Eyber fik sit diplom i ”Dans og Dansepædagogik” på den statslige Musikhochschule i Heidelberg-Mannheim og har siden da arbejdet som danser og dansepædagog på teatre og danseuddannelser.

Desuden har hun været instruktør og koreograf for diverse events, musicals, opera og skuespil samt kunstnerisk leder på den internationale musicalproduktion af Disney’s ”Skønheden og Udyret”.

Siden 2002 har hun fokuseret på det pædagogiske arbejde.

I 2006 blev hun medlem af BASI® fakultetet og har siden undervist på Pilates-uddannelses kurser i flere europæiske lande. Pilates Hose München er hovedsæde for BASI® Pilates i Tyskland og Østrig.


Krisztina Ajkay

Born in Budapest/Hungary, Krisztina completed her education as a physical therapist (PT) in 1989. Initially she gained valuable experience in a medical setting working as a physical therapist with patients affected by cerebral palsy.  In 1996 she moved to Germany and initially continued working as a physical therapist. She started practicing Pilates after the birth of her third son, and she was impressed by the resulting quick and positive changes of her body. She began studying Pilates at Polestar (Certificated Mat Teacher 2005) and completed the BASI CTTC (2008) in Germany.

She is Co-Owner of the Studio Dynamic Arts in Freiburg.

Krisztina is passionate about working with the elderly and with pre- and postpartum woman.

She is also a Gyrotonic® Level 1 Teacher


Mariam Younossi

Mariam was born into the field of dance and theater. Coming from this background it was just natural to turn into a ballet dancer.
She was introduced to pilates after a foot surgery in an early stage of her dance career and never stopped practicing because she felt the method kept her free of further major injuries.

While still an active dancer she took her first education course with Polestar Pilates in 2002 and started teaching at Polestar Pilates headquarter in Cologne / Germany occasionally. When she quit dancing in 2005 she continued her education and took another course with Pilates Bodymotion / Germany for whom she started working at their Studio in Cologne and also taught courses and presented at conventions in Germany / Switzerland and Austria until 2012.
Always eager to learn more she has attended workshops with Michele Larsson, Elisabeth Larkam, Bob Liekens, Brent Anderson, Marie José Blom, Eric Franklin and many more.
In 2012 she took the first ever ProBridge course with Rael Isacowitz in Costa Mesa. Since then her approach of teaching has significantly changed. She feels very fortunate to have experienced the depths and precision of the Basi work and is excited to be part of the international Basi faculty team since 2015. She has been teaching courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Scandinavia and Italy. 

Mariam is also a Reiki Master since 2006


Juliana Lorenzi Barreto

Juliana Lorenzi Barreto was born in Brazil and completed her dance education (Bachelor Degree) in 2008 at the College of Arts of Paraná. Since she moved to Germany in 2009, she worked in several dance projects in Munich, Ingolstadt and Stuttgart. In addition to her dance education, she gained experience in Alexander technique, Feldenkrais and  BMC (Body Mind Centering).

Her first contact with Pilates happened during her dance education in Brazil and since then she is convinced of the method. Because of her own experience as being a dancer and teacher, she realizes that with Pilates people not just achieve a strong musculature and better alignment/posture but also a deep and strong body- and self-awareness. 

In 2013, Juliana successfully completed the BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Course with Natascha Eyber in Munich and since then she teaches and works as Natascha’s assistant in the Pilates House in Munich. In addition Juliana is a regular practicioner of Kung Fu and meditation.

Since 2014 she has continuously deepened her knowledge through continued and advanced education with Rael Isacowitz, Karen Clippinger, Anthony Lett, Samantha Wood, Jessie Lee, Brett Howard and others. She created her own workshop „Pilates for Man“ which she presented on the International BASI Pilates Day in Frankfurt 2017.

Juliana is part of the international BASI faculty since 2017.